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B-GRADE - Neko Face - Pre-Curved Hat

B-GRADE - Neko Face - Pre-Curved Hat

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B-Grade Neko hat!
The hat themself are completely fine, only the design is a bit inaccurate.
It's shown on the pictures, one of the eyes is slightly moved, but all in all they're still super adorable.
I just like to offer them for a very discounted price, as the design is not 100% correct. :)

Info - Size & Material
Light Beige - Cream Color
Corduroy fabric
Embroidered Cat/Neko Face design
Pre-curved peak
Hat size is adjustable, biggest possible 63cm
This hat has a reinforcement in the front to keep the shape nice and round

How to clean your hat:
Hand washing is the safest and most recommended hat washing method. Since you’re able to control the water temperature and how hard you scrub the fabric, it’s the best way to keep your favorite hat looking good.

The Cap is wrapped and cushioned with tissue paper and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.
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