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Itadakimasu - Yokai - Self Adhesive Patch- Big

Itadakimasu - Yokai - Self Adhesive Patch- Big

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Futakuchi Onna - the two-mouthed woman 🍙🍡🍥
always hungry- itadakimasu!

Info - Size & Material
size: width - 18cm
The patch has self-adhesive glue on the back. You can paste it wherever you like!

Tear off the sticker on the base, stick it where needed, press hard to stick it firmly.

If the patch is used on clothes that are often washed, it is advisable to sew on the patch to prevent it from falling off.

Patches are sealed within a  transparent cellophane bag to help get it safely to it's new destination.

About Futakuchi Onna:

The origin of a futakuchi-onna's second mouth is often linked to how little a woman eats. In many stories, the soon-to-be futakuchi-onna is a wife of a miser and rarely eats. To counteract this, a second mouth mysteriously appears on the back of the woman's head. The second mouth often mumbles spiteful and threatening things to the woman and demands food. If it is not fed, it can screech obscenely and cause the woman tremendous pain. (source wikipedia)

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