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Ohayo! - Wooden Coaster

Ohayo! - Wooden Coaster

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Elevate the aesthetics of your home and work space with a lovely wooden coaster. Crafted with quality beech wood, this coaster adds a touch of cuteness while protecting your surfaces. 

Info - Size & Material
Material: beech wood
Dimension: 8.5cm (actual size of dish is slightly smaller due to raised rim)
Illustration engraved

Each piece boasts a unique wood grain pattern, as it's a natural product.

* please note that as this is made on natural wood, the markings and colours on the wood will vary per coaster
** It is normal for the wood to warp due to changing humidity and temperature. To fix, place the coaster upside down with a warm drink on top for a few hours (and repeat as necessary).

Coasters are packed with a semi-transparent glassine bag.

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